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Don't laugh, but I have a Paypal. One day I'd like to make a living at this, but in the meantime I'd at least like to pay for my website and other costs. If you like what you read, maybe drop a few bucks. 
(Added July, 2012)

Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Choose a Vibrator.

Trudie Lem: Spaceship Captain, Earth Detective

Available via Amazon and other retailers through Smashwords. C'mon. You know you want to buy me 3/4ths of a latte.

**Or** You can listen to if free here.

 "Aurora is a natural investigator. She holds her own in the field, and from what I understand, the rest of the galaxy." — Spy Master Amberly.


"When we're airborne, no space traveler is a match. However, if Miradeen pulls that time crap, we may be screwed." — Cleatus Roy.