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Don't laugh, but I have a Paypal. One day I'd like to make a living at this, but in the meantime I'd at least like to pay for my website and other costs. If you like what you read, maybe drop a few bucks. 
(Added July, 2012)

Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Choose a Vibrator.

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Gonna Learn

I'm gonna learn how to make physical books

I'm gonna learn how to make physical books

I'm gonna learn how to make physical books

I'm gonna learn how to make physical books

I'm gonna learn how to make physical books


Fun Writing Experiments

#1 Horror Movie Rules

#2 Mash-up two titles from the Fall Crop of TV shows

Mash-up two titles from the Fall crop of TV shows & make a new title. Explain what that show would be about. It can be serious or not-so-serious (which is what mine is.) Example: Timeless Conviction. Synopsis: A young woman is convicted for a crime she didn’t commit. She attempts to break out of prison in hopes of clearing her name; however, she’s caught in a time loop. She relives each day, each time finding a different way to escape, and increasingly forgets why she is convicted, and why she wants to escape. A list of the new shows is below. I’m just counting September and October, but if you want to throw in November, that’s fine! I figured I’d do this at mid-season, too. 

Full list of new shows here.

First Poem I've Written in 20 Years

I was inspired tonight when I found out that Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex and the City) is going to play Emily Dickenson (My favorite poet) in a movie. 

I know Miranda wasn't the vixen of the show, but vixen rhymes with Nixon.



Working on my new book

Up to page 86 of my latest book. I know. I'm slow. The naps don't help. I went through the 86 pages again, and I'm glad I did. I fixed someone who had red hair at the beginning and brown hair towards the middle. I also realized I had the characters in Orlando in one chapter, then immediately back in Jacksonville, going to Gainesville. I had to fill in a little transition there.

I'll keep plowing along!


What Lola's Been Up To

Sorry I've been MIA! I've been working a lot with Craft Beer Nation and ScannerDrome. In fact, I've just been named Editor-in-Chief of CBN. It probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most people, but it is to me :) With ScannerDrome, we've been doing a lot of shows and interviews, and I'm trying to update the website as much as I can, but that's still pretty much Buyer's domain.

I'm also (still) working on my next book. It's co-authored with Buyer Brown, and it's a YA novel. After that's done (hopefully this year), I plan to start on Trudie 2.

Here's an article I wrote for CBN recently. Also, I made a table with all of the Fall T.V.s I'm going to watch. It's located here.

What? Are you insinuating the reason I can't finish my book is that I watch T.V.? Is that what you're saying?

Well, yeah...duh...