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Don't laugh, but I have a Paypal. One day I'd like to make a living at this, but in the meantime I'd at least like to pay for my website and other costs. If you like what you read, maybe drop a few bucks. 
(Added July, 2012)

Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Choose a Vibrator.


Lariscy Stories, Episode 7, The PPS

Please note: I'm going to take a break from this podcast for at least the month of December. The reason is I really, really, really want to finish my book.

I plan to podcast my novel. If I podcast both my novel and short stories, then that means I'll spend every weekend podcasting. So,

I'm considering podcasting my novel as part of the "Lariscy Stories" feed.

Please let me know what y'all think about that. If enough people say they don't like it, then I won't do it. If only a few people don't like it, then I'll do whatever the heck I want!

In addition to that, I still might have a separate feed for the novel.

I'll have a better idea in January of what I'm going to do, and

I'll keep y'all updated through this feed and my website.

Speaking of ways to communicate. You may email me at My website is I'm on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. I also have a Paypal in case you'd like to donate! If you like this story, please share it with your friends. I'm podcasting and posting my stories for free in hopes of building an audience.

This podcast is on iTunes, also. Please leave a review!

I would like to thank my friend Shelley Wilkerson. She donated money for the cause, and I appreciate it very much. My friend Buyer Brown has shared my work on his affiliated podcast networks, such as The New Radio ( .

Please note: The society in this story is not at all representative of paranormal investigators. Also, please know it's not based on any actual organization. I specifically chose a name that I didn't find on Google. There's a similar name, but it's not exactly the same. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't in any way accidentally harkening a real team. This is a purely fictional organization. I have the utmost respect for paranormal researchers, investigators and those involved with the field in any way. I just wanted to write a cool story :)

The music I'm using is by a band called Gliss. The song is called "The Hunted". I got the .mp3 through the band's media company, Riot Act Media. It's on their page.

Gliss on Riot Act Media: Gliss website:

Sound Effects:

The pinball and French sound effects are from Stock music.

Door opening: Gatekeeper of hell: Voice from hell: Bookcase rattling:

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