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Don't laugh, but I have a Paypal. One day I'd like to make a living at this, but in the meantime I'd at least like to pay for my website and other costs. If you like what you read, maybe drop a few bucks. 

(Added July, 2012)

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Lola Lariscy is a science fiction author and podcaster living in Jacksonville, FL. Her first novel, Trudie Lem: Spaceship Captain, Earth Detective is available via Amazon and other platforms via Smashwords.  She completed the podcast of the entire novel, and it's available for free here.

She's currently editing her second novel. She's slow.

She does video shows and writes reviews via ScannerDrome and Craft Beer Nation.

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Friends of Lola:

Buyer Brown

Voiceover actor, podcaster, craft beer drinker, Linux Guru, Pop Culture and Science enthusiast. Please check out our website Scanner Drome. I was his first guest, and we post about scifi, culture, health, etc. and we host a bi-weekly Internet show. He's been a good friend to me, and if you're here, there's a good chance Buyer sent you.

Shelley Wilkinson

I don't think she has a webpage or any public online presence. She's been a great friend for over ten years. We bonded over The Monkees (If I remember correctly, she likes Michael Nesmith as much as I do), but we developed a wonderful friendship that surpasses any TV show.

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Lyra's Oxford
Silas Marner
Real Murders
A Bone to Pick
Certain Women
Black Orchid
Across the Wall
Shakespeare's Landlord
Dragons in the Waters
The Young Unicorns
The Moon by Night
Once Upon a Time in the North
The Ruby in the Smoke
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
Mister Monday
A House Like a Lotus
Meet the Austins
The Great Gatsby

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